keynote speaker, PyCon Reminder: Early bird reg deadline 2/1

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Tue Jan 20 18:30:29 CET 2004

"John Benson" <jsbenson at> wrote in message
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> My curiosity has been greatly piqued to see that
> "DC 2004 will be held March 24-26, 2004 in Washington, D.C.  The keynote
> speaker is Mitch Kapor of the Open Source Applications Foundation
> ( "
> Isn't Kapor the Lotus guy that tried to quash Borlands Quattro Pro
> it offered an alternative Lotus-user-friendly menuing structure? (see
> And who also claimed that "it is my heartfelt belief that many of the
> increasing number of recently issued software patents, concerning, for
> instance, fundamental techniques and artifacts of user interfaces, should
> never have been granted in the first place because of their failure to
> qualify as either novel or non-obvious. Some patents appear to preempt
> automation of common functions such as footnoting. This to me is like
> allowing a patent on the round steering wheel."
> (
> I'm experiencing some severe cognitive dissonance here. Can anybody help?

I am pretty sure the second item (statement) came several years after the
first.  Sometimes people learn from experience and mistakes.  I have.


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