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> Here are a pair XML problems that are available:
> #1) Setup to convert these xml files
> into a vector of open,close,volume information suitable for use with a
> numerical Python module.  Doing this quickly is a plus.

Can you better define "vector".

Do you want a Numeric array, or a list or tuple? Do you want a different
vector for each of (open, close, volume) (ie, 3 arrays)
or do you want the three values stuck into one tuple/list element and that
element put into an array/list?

What do you mean by "quickly"?  You haven't given an indication of the size
of the file you wish to process. The URL shown above produces a rather small
file. But are you planning to process megabytes of data with multiple
symbols over long periods of time?

SAX can easily parse those xml files without loading them entirely in

What platform are you running on? Maybe it's quicker to use a C extension
like libxml2 if you're going to parse extremely large files. You haven't
provided enough information about your problem domain.

> #2) Expose the SOAP functionality from
> generated WSDL files, here is an example WSDL
> See for more info on the API.  A Python
> solution is preferred but a work around which uses Java and the
> Apache Axis library and an appropriate gateway from
> python might also be acceptable.  Results from an attempt at using ZSI
> to process the WSDL file is appended to this message.

I think there are others on this list who are (or will soon) need to work

I have been evaluating it and DreamFactory for a few months, but I don't
have any clients at the moment that need to use either.

If you're just doing "bulk transfer" of data, you might consider a hybrid
approach using JyRetic EAI Server

Otherwise, continued work on the pywebsvcs-talk list could arrive at a
solution in time. In fact, I think I saw a post from you on the list this

If your business has resources that can be applied to fixing problems in ZSI
or SOAPPY that'd be a good way to solve your immediate problem, and "giving
back" to the community.


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