Creating a capabilities-based restricted execution system

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>>>Restricted Python was withdrawn because of a number of holes, of which
>>>new style classes were the last straw.
>> RestrictedPython was *not* withdrawn; rexec was withdrawn.  This is a
>> difficult enough issue to discuss without confusing different modules.  See
>I'm not sure what you're trying to say. The Zope page you reference
>says that they were (prior to 2.1) doing things like modifying generated
>byte code and reworking the AST. That's fun stuff I'm sure, but it
>doesn't have anything to do with "Restricted Execution" as defined in the
>Python Library Reference, Chapter 17, which covers Restricted Execution,
>RExec and Bastion (which was also withdrawn.)
>If I confused you with a subtle nomenclature difference, sorry. I don't
>care what Zope is doing or not doing, except for the fact that it seems
>to come up in this discussion. I'm only concerned with what Python is
>(or is not) doing. The approach in the Wiki page you pointed to does,
>however, seem to be a substantially more bullet-proof approach than
>Python's Restricted Execution.

Well, I don't care what you do or don't care about, but I do care that
if you're going to post in a thread that you actually read what you're
responding to and that you post accurate information.  If you go back to
the post that started this thread, it's quite clear that the reference
was specifically to Zope's RestrictedPython.
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