Text-to-HTML processing program

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Sat Jan 3 18:39:42 CET 2004

"phil hunt" <philh at invalid.email.address> wrote in message
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> Does anyone know of a text-to-HTML processing program, ideally
> written in Python because I'll probably be wanting to make small
> modifications to it, which is simple and straightforward to use
> and which uses a simple markup language (something like Wikipedia
> markup would be ideal)?

There's an old saying that's attributed to a lot of people:

For every hard problem, there is a solution that is simple,
obvious and wrong.

Markup seems to be one of those problems. Lots of people
look at the existing markup languages out there, go "oh, yuck!,"
and invent a simpler markup language that promptly starts growing
until it reaches the state of the languages they originally rejected
as too complex.

John Roth

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