Terminal Emulation with IBM ES9672 mainframe via multiplexer.

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Tue Jan 13 20:28:42 CET 2004

Hi All, 

Sorry for repeating, in the earlier msg i forgot to add a Subject line !! 

I am a student-newbie to Python-List (for that matter Python language)
working on a project for Terminal Emulation. The dumb terminal interacts
with an
IBM ES9672 mainframe through a 'multiplexer-MUX'. 
The s/w is currently running in 'C' on a Windows NT environment and the
requirement is to introduce Object Oriented concepts and C++ was the obvious
choice, but i came across  'Python' (and also Perl, Ruby, ..etc) after i
installed RH8 on my PC last month. We are actively canvassing the advantages
of GNU
s/w and philosophy and would like to simultaneously port it to GNU/Linux

I have read some of the documentation in Python.
Before using Python as our project language it would be useful to know
whether Python has functions, libraries/headers (like C does) capable of
the foll. :

1] open and close serial ports,
2] set baud rates,
3] check parity bit/byte,
4] stop bits,
5] Hardware handshaking,
6] selection of port,......

Our existing 'C' code is to be ported to the GNU/Linux platform so we are
actively looking at an OOP concept. The part for serial port communication
C++ has classes so its easier to write customized programs to do most of the

Most importantly compatibility issues with the existing Multiplexer and
Cisco Routers have to be kept in mind as the company will *not* make any H/W

We saw that python has some routines for using existing C code, so we dont
have to rewrite everything and can make modules containing functions and use
it to operate on files. 
Does it provide any other serial port communication features ?
It would be nice if anyone could throw some light on some of the above

Thankyou for your time.


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