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Christian Wilcox cwilcox at
Wed Jan 21 18:48:48 CET 2004

> I wonder if anyone has written a cross-platform CHM decoder and browser
> that has the help browser look & feel.  I can't find one, but it seems
> that python would be a great language to make such a thing.  Maybe
> I'll take a crack if it hasn't been done.  I like monolithic,
> compressed help vs. a big directory full of html.

Description from the page:

xCHM is a .chm viewer for UNIX (Linux, *BSD, Solaris), written by Razvan Cojocaru.
Success stories of xCHM on Mac OS X have also been received, and apparently xCHM even works if compiled under the Cygwin environment in Windows.


Christian Wilcox

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