MozPython: Why my MozPython did not work after installed successfully?

Phipps Xue phipps.xue at
Fri Jan 9 10:17:22 CET 2004

Hello Dr. Schilz,

I installed MozPython 0.1.0 by your tutorial. But I can not see the output
in mozilla when I ran a, there's no error message or item displayed.

Is there any possible problem or note? Could you please tell me the way to
see how the mozpython runs?

Here, I list my environment information below for you to make a diagnosis.

OS: Microsoft Windows XP
Mozilla: 1.5  installed in 'd:\Program Files\Mozilla'
Python: ActivePython 2.3.2 installed in 'd:\Program Files\Active Python'
System Environment Variables:
    - PYTHONPATH: d:\Program Files\Active Python\lib;f:\Projects\Python;'


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