ProtoCiv: porting Freeciv to Python CANNED

G.I.L not at
Wed Jan 14 11:42:01 CET 2004

Brandon J. Van Every wrote:
> "G.I.L" <not at> wrote in message
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>> Brandon, why the fuck on Earth couldn't you spend that exact amount
>> of time doing what you did BEFORE posting and arguing with the
>> entire newsgroup?
> Hey GIL, you're here wasting time of your own free will.  Don't look
> to me to be the purveyor of your quality discourse.  To me this is
> just hours between implementing stuff.

Partially implementing stuff.

> Although actually, there's another agenda.  I know *someone* out
> there is going through the same shit I have / I am.  The posts are
> for their benefit, to give them warnings / inklings.

Are you applying to be a martyr, St. Brandon?

>> It
>> was an unbelievable waste of time, since you've managed to convice
>> (maybe still wrongfully) all the people that you are completely
>> clueless.
> Why, because I turned around a project in 3 weeks while having the
> flu half the time?

No, because you dumped the project because it was boring. This may kill any
credit you may have had with people.

> You try to do something big, you put your money on the line to do it,
> you fail or don't entirely succeed, you give postmortem, you lay all
> your cards out for others to examine... *then* I will worry about
> your opinion.

You state that you will follow only those who fail after putting their own
money on projects? BTW, there seems to be a hint of contradiction, since you
normally don't look at success the way other people do ($$$), but whenever
you say "failure", it's exactly what other people mean.

>> I see your point in many of the issues you raised. But the only
>> reason I don't compare myself to you, is that I have a shitload of
>> games to prove my point. I've never had a major failure, so I never
>> needed to use one to leverage my projects. All the things I learned
>> from, were simply bad habits, mostly coding habits. I constantly
>> evolve, in small steps, from one success to another. That's how it
>> should be. You do the math.
> Those who never taste failure are haughty.

..or just plain cautious.


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