Cheetah - Test suite failures

Joe Francia usenet at
Thu Jan 8 22:41:31 CET 2004

Timo Virkkala wrote:

> I tried to install Cheetah (0.9.15) and ran into trouble. When running 
> the test suite, I get 61 failures and 57 errors. Most of the errors are
> "ImportError: No module named temp", with some "TypeError: update() 
> takes exactly one argument (0 given)".
> The full output of the test suite is at
> (URL: )
> I'd hate to spend hours debugging this thing, so I thought to ask here 
> if someone has any ideas what's causing this..
> -- 
> Timo Virkkala

You also may want to post this question to the Cheetah list:

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