Unique ID for CD or DVD

Python Baby python at hitmedia.com
Sun Jan 25 22:25:39 CET 2004

> Does anyone know of an existing algorithm/module for generating a unique ID
> for a given CD or DVD?  This would be something akin to CDDB where a CD is
> recognized based on its content.

There are a few different ways to get a unique ID from an audio CD.
Gracenote/CDDB does it one way.  FreeDB does it another way.  MusicBrainz does it another.

Sorry, it's in C not Python, but the author of MusicBrainz wrote us a good
tool that we use in our CD store, to generate the unique ID of a CD in the drive.
It generates many different fingerprints for the CD in the drive, for you to
pick and choose whichever one you want to use:


(NOTE: that URL won't work forever.  I just put it up there right now since you asked.)

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