pickling lambdas?

John J. Lee jjl at pobox.com
Sun Jan 4 00:44:01 CET 2004

gongli at cutey.com (gong) writes:

> i would like to pickle a lambda; according to the library docs in 2.3,
> i believe this shouldnt be possible, since a lambda is not a function
> defined at the top level of  a module (?)


> however, upon google searching for "python lambda pickle" i find 2
> posts, one including gvr, which apparently demonstrate that this was
> being attempted and even suggest that it is feasible.  has this become

No, read it again.  What you found was Guido figuring out how to
*prevent* people pickling lambdas.  Functions are pickled by saving
the function name.  Lambdas have no function name, so pickle complains
if you try to pickle them.


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