Scripting C++ Game AI object using Python Generators

The_Incubator here at
Sun Jan 4 22:36:26 CET 2004

Yeah, Stackless sounds interesting, and it was used in Eve-Online. At 
this point I'm under the impression that a lot of the specific 
advantages of stackless have to do with distributed applications, where 
you can have lots and lots of remotely instantiated Python objects 
running as separate microthreads, managed by software on your servers, 
with minimal task-switching overhead. My projects is not online 
multiplayer, so I'm not sure if Stackless would have advantages for my 
project above and beyond the generators already in Python, but maybe 
someone else can shed some light on that?

It may be worthwhile for me to get in touch with them regarding my 
project though. Thanks for the suggestion.


Harald Massa wrote:
> Nick,
> I am not able to understand your request fully (problem on my side, I'm not 
> into Game Programming) ...
> but many of your keywords I heard last time in a talk by Chris Tismer, 
> speaking about stacklass Python at Europython in 
> Charleroi.
> Maybe you should look there and maybe send your request directly to him? I 
> saw him demonstrating a large game application with microthreads and 
> generators and whatsoever (I just remember the words :)) )
> Harald

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