Problems with python23_d.lib built with Visual Studio 7.1

Paton J. Lewis paton_lewis at
Thu Jan 29 02:16:43 CET 2004

I built the Python 2.3.3 sources with Visual Studio 7.1 (the 
conversion of the Visual C++ 6 project files appeared to work 
without a hitch). Everything seems fine except when I try to link my 
project with the debug Python library, in which case I get 
unresolved symbols apparently because the Python debug library 
symbol names have been modified in an unexpected fashion. For 
example, the calling code asks for symbol __imp__Py_InitModule4 
(which exists in python23.lib) but python23_d.lib contains 
__imp__Py_InitModule4TraceRefs. Has anyone run into this problem 


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