wxPython worries

stephane ancelot sancelot at free.fr
Fri Jan 16 08:42:05 CET 2004

I have recently evaluated wxpython because I am coming from fox (for 3 years) 
, but fox lacks GUI designer and wxwindows with wxpython and boa-constructor 
seems to solve the problem

Thanks for your advice in wxwindows.

If you want informations about fox I can help you.

Best Regards 

Le Vendredi 16 Janvier 2004 07:57, MetalOne a écrit :
> I have recently been trying to build some GUIs with wxWindows.  The
> first problem that I ran across involved not being able to send and
> event from a worker thread to the GUI thread and get the GUI thread to
> process the event while the user had a menu pulled down.  I wrote a
> bug report and this has since been fixed.  Tkinter has issues here
> also.  There is no means for a worker thread to put an event in the
> GUI thread.
> The second problem that I have run across is that tab order between
> controls is the order that controls are added.  You can't get tabbing
> to skip a control.  If you dynamically add/remove controls you can't
> achieve your desired tab order.
> wxWindows seems like a very impressive work.  The demo is certainly
> impressive.  I also suppose I shouldn't rant to much about something
> that is free.  However my first two GUIs hit critical problems, and
> these were really simple GUIs.  Granted, the first problem has been
> fixed now, and I have not yet written a bug report on the second.
> Tkinter is also giving me problems.  I have been trying to add
> controls to a canvas and to have a scrollbar that will scroll the
> controls on the canvas.  I think I have it figured out now, but it is
> damn near impossible to figure out from the documentation.  I had to
> scour the internet looking for solutions.
> I have also played with displaying video in both wxWindows and Tk.
> I have raw gray scale data simply as a list of values range 0-255.
> Using PIL I can easily convert to a format wxWindows and Tk can
> display.  I get around 30 fps with wxWindows and 15 fps with Tk.
> However, all images wxWindows displays must be full 24-bit color.  If
> the images didn't need to be expanded to (r,g,b) I would expect
> signifcant speed up.  I don't know why Tk is so much slower.
> wxWindows and Tk are the only toolkits that wrap native Windows
> controls.  The others all emulate controls.  I am thinking about
> trying out another toolkit.
> I am having enough trouble convincing people to use Python.  I'd never
> be able to get my work to purchase Qt.  They would prefer to do
> everything in VB6.

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