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Thu Jan 15 06:02:30 CET 2004

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> >> >> It
> >> >> was an unbelievable waste of time, since you've managed to convice
> >> >> (maybe still wrongfully) all the people that you are completely
> >> >> clueless.
> >> >
> >> > Why, because I turned around a project in 3 weeks while having the
> >> > flu half the time?
> >>
> >> No, because you dumped the project because it was boring.
> >
> >You're a fool then.  What's your school of advice, keep working on things
> >matter how much of a boring waste of time they become?
> "Being able to finish something is a form of expertise." --Brandon Van
> Every

Cool, I like that.  I think I even remember saying it.  Keep right on

Of course, finishing *something* doesn't mean finishing *everything*.  Only
fools do that.

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80% is gobbledygook we make up inside our own heads.

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