Recurring dates module [was: Project dream]

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Sun Jan 4 06:21:24 CET 2004

On Sat, 3 Jan 2004 15:40:55 -0800 "Robert Brewer" 
<fumanchu at> writes:
> > eltronic at wrote:
> > > a timer capable of alarms or starting programs with
> > > various ways of specifying the event, weekly monthly 
> > > don't start until, stop after date, user defined, etc.
> Then I responded:
> > I've been needing to write this, as well, for my own apps. Here is 
> a
> > first attempt (*very* alpha); feedback/additions appreciated.
> > 
> >
> >
> I updated this today, including time functions in addition 
> to the date functions and generally "filling in the corners".
> I also included 
> an interval calculation function for e.g., threading.Timer.

rats, datetime IIR is only py2.3 unless it already works in py2*
or some kind soul has backported it ala sets and some of itertools.
I envision a timer prog that wakes up every 45 or so seconds
parses an event list and acts on those of the current minute.
but something like recur would be needed for up/down counters.
I guess all counters can derive their data from one main counter.
the thought of starting each alarm in a thread maybe minutes 
days or months in advance is not going to survive reboots well.

on win9x HamsinClock is useable, but not flexible 
enough for interactive use from other programs.
since I have 2/3 of the pseudo code already I 
may have to at some point try to run with it. 
defining and parsing the ini format and finding 
a decent name and lack of funded free time 
keeps me hitting the snooze on this dream.

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