Nokia prefers Python

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Thu Jan 22 08:59:55 CET 2004

Robin Becker wrote:

> This might be the start of a success story. Says Nokia prefers Python!

The referenced article quotes in part:
"In order to get the best feedback into the viability of such technology
concept tools, initial evaluation will be restricted within Forum Nokia to
a limited group comprised of professional developers familiar with Nokia
platforms and implementations." 
What this means, a Nokia spokesperson tells us, is that the company won't
simply fling it at the company's 1.3 million developers, but offer a more
controlled access program. 

With 1.3 million developers, Nokia should REALLY raise the Python profile.
Guido may have to move again.

Aside: The number of developers per cell phone sold must be pretty high, eh?
With so many developers wielding that powerful Python metaobject protocol
and all, its likely each cellphone user could program his or her own custom
class doing their own custom things, like planning the night's menu during
the drive home from work, in that /special/ way...


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