PEP for new modules (I read PEP 2)

Christoph Becker-Freyseng webmaster at
Thu Jan 15 22:42:47 CET 2004


recently there was a lot discussion about a new Path-class. So Gerrit 
Holl started to write a pre-PEP

We tried to summarize the good ideas and suggestions. Some are still 
missing and concepts of already existing modules have to be 
added/thought over. Furthermore it turns out that not a new class is 
needed but a module. The pre-PEP is already quite big --- Gerrit Holl 
figured out that are bigger ones [1] but I think (and Gerrit Holl 
agrees) that we should write the PEP a bit different.

In PEP 002 about adding a module to the standard library it isn't clear 
(at least I didn't get it) what exactly should be in the pre-PEP for a 
new module.
There's another difference because the Path module does not exist right 
now. However I think it's not wrong first to figure out how a good 
Path-module should look like and then start implementing and continue 

I think it would be a good idea to start with a dummy implementation 
that has docstrings. Then we could build the documentation for the 
module automatically and it wouldn't be neccessary to put everything 
into the pre-PEP.
I'd like to keep in the prePEP: Abstract, Motivation, a shortened 
Specification (mostly global structure, definitions, ...), Rationale 
(especially this one seems important to me), BDFL Pronouncement, 
References, Copyright.

So basically I want to relocate the real Specification, because the more 
specific it gets the more it looks like a documentation and the prePEP 
grows and grows ...

Is this a valid option for a PEP?
Better suggestions?

Thank You,
   Christoph Becker-Freyseng


Some statistics about number of words in different peps:
$ wc -w *.txt | sort -rn | head -20 | nl
     1     6356 pep-0253.txt # subtyping built-in types
     2     5273 pep-0100.txt # python unicode integration
     3     4985 pep-0307.txt # extension to pickle protocol
     4     4985 pep-0249.txt # python database api spec
     5     4694 pep-0258.txt # docutils design spec
     6     4604 pep-0252.txt # types/classes
     7     4551 pep-0101.txt # python releases
     8     4457 pep-0287.txt # reST
     9     4144 pep-0209.txt # multidim. arrays
    10     3968 pep-0225.txt # elementwise operators
    11     3916 pep-0302.txt # new import hooks
    12     3882 pep-xxxx.txt

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