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Sandy Norton sandskyfly at
Wed Jan 21 11:01:29 CET 2004

John Roth  wrote :

> I wouldn't put the individual files in a data base - that's what
> file systems are for. The exception is small files (and by the
> time you say ".doc" in MS Word, it's now longer a small
> file) where you can save substantial space by consolidating
> them.

There seems to be consensus that I shouldn't store files in the
database. This makes sense as filesystems seem to be optimized for,
um, files (-;

As I want to get away from deeply nested directories, I'm going to
test two approaches:

1. store everything in a single folder and hash each file name to give
a unique id

2. create a directory structure based upon a calendar year and store
the daily downloads automatically.

I can finally use some code I'd written before for something like this


from pprint import pprint
import os
import calendar

class Calendirs:

    months = {
        1 : 'January',
        2 : 'February',
        3 : 'March',
        4 : 'April',
        5 : 'May',
        6 : 'June',
        7 : 'July',
        8 : 'August',
        9 : 'September',
        10 : 'October',
        11 : 'November',
        12 : 'December'

    wkdays = {
        0 : 'Monday',
        1 : 'Tuesday',
        2 : 'Wednesday',
        3 : 'Thursday',
        4 : 'Friday',
        5 : 'Saturday',
        6 : 'Sunday' 
    def __init__(self, year):
        self.year = year

    def calendir(self):
        '''returns list of calendar matrices'''
        mc = calendar.monthcalendar
        cal = [(self.year, m) for m in range(1,13)]
        return [mc(y,m) for (y, m) in cal]

    def yearList(self):
        weekday = calendar.weekday
        m = 0
        for month in self.calendir():
            lst = []
            m += 1
            for week in month:
                for day in week:
                    if day:
                        day_str = Calendirs.wkdays[weekday(self.year,
m, day)]
                        lst.append( (str(m)+'.'+Calendirs.months[m],
str(day)+'.'+day_str) )
        return res

    def make(self):
        for month in self.yearList():
            for m, day in month:
                path = os.path.join(str(self.year), m, day)



I don't know which method will perform better or be more usable...
testing testing testing.



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