ProtoCiv: porting Freeciv to Python CANNED

Erik Max Francis max at
Wed Jan 14 03:42:22 CET 2004

"Brandon J. Van Every" wrote:

> Why, because I turned around a project in 3 weeks while having the flu
> half
> the time?

Since this "turnaround" involved abandoning your project, it's hard to
see how having devoted 1.5 man-weeks to a project which it should have
only taken you a few man-hours to realize was not going to pay off is an
impressive achievement.  (Why you thought the project was going to be
further any of your personal goals in the first place is completely
beyond my comprehension, as well, but that's another story.)

> I laugh, over and over again, at all the people who declare 3D
> spherical
> icosahedral planetary display engines to be trivial, ...

There's a big difference between "trivial" and "not nearly as impressive
as you seem to think," particularly since your goal was to create a game
and you got nowhere on the actual game (which in frustrating you
abandoned at the time).  And how many man-months did you seek into
_that_ project?

A "3D spherical icosahedral planetary display engine" may be darn neat,
but it's hardly an impressive commercial achivement on its own
(particularly considering how much effort you needed to put into it),
and as a resume-building project it doesn't exactly excite the blood. 
Oh, and by the way, nobody's ever seen it in action except you -- so we
have no idea whether or not it even qualifies as an accomplishment!

> ... or VS .NET 2003
> ports
> of Freeciv to be trivial, ...

But by your own admission, you _haven't_ ported Freeciv to VS .NET 2003.
You got it building, but it doesn't work.  That's hardly an

> ... or any other project I've sunk blood into
> and run
> into difficulties.  I know better.  It's water off my back because I
> know
> what an armchair peanut gallery sounds like.

The problem is that from everybody else's perspective, you brag about
accomplishments which, from the point of view of everyone else, are not
accomplishments but failures; what projects are there that you have sunk
time into and have paid off, either in having something to show for it,
or having (gasp) made you money?

You're trying to put this weird spin on your public displays of
embarassment is not really working.  Trying and failing is a part of
life.  Trying and failing, over and over again, consistently, despite
insisting quite urgently on how important you are to a community, is
starting to get suspicious.

> Those who never taste failure are haughty.

And those who never taste success should probably come to the
realization, eventually, that they are doing something wrong.

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