Michael Hudson mwh at
Fri Jan 23 13:23:39 CET 2004

writeson at (Doug Farrell) writes:

> Hi all,
> Can someone help me out a little with Python? What do people use to
> debug Python code? I don't understand how to use the built in
> debugger

What have you tried?'...') and pdb.set_trace() may be your

> and I haven't had any luck getting ddd to debug my Python programs. I
> end up falling back on inserting print statements in my code to figure
> out what's going on. This works but isn't always the fastest route to
> a solution. So, I'm just wondering what other people do.

Well, quite a lot of the time I ... insert print statements in my

I also find stopping and actually thinking hard every now and again
helps, too :-)


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