prog/lib to draw graphs

Bill Scherer Bill.Scherer at
Thu Jan 22 13:49:15 CET 2004


Florian Lindner wrote:

>I'm looking for a program or python library to draw graphs.
>They should look like the that:
>/--------\                         /--------\
>| Node A | ------ belongs to ----> | Node B |
>\--------/                         \--------/

Florian -

Graphviz ( is a great package for drawing 
graphs.  It ouputs to many formats.  There is a python lib for it at, but I have not used 
it.  It's easy enough to generate dot[1] code and call dot to generate 
the graph image, so that's what I usually do.



1. 'dot' is one of the graphviz commands.

>Which is a result of the function call like that:
>connectNodes(firstNode, secondNode, description, lineStyle)
>connectNodes("Node A", "Node B", "belongs to", dashed)
>It should have a open scalable vector format as output (DVI, SVG, PDF, ...)
>and should be able to make automatic optimal placement of the items.
>Do you know something like that?

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