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Nuff Said nuffsaid at phreaker.net
Sat Jan 17 23:31:59 CET 2004

On Thu, 15 Jan 2004 11:17:45 -0200, Jorge Godoy wrote:

> On Tuesday 13 January 2004 21:55 Nuff Said wrote in
> <pan.2004. at phreaker.net>:
>> (Even some of the widgets in the wxpython demo crash on Linux;
>> and if you use wxpython with Unicode support, the situation gets
>> even worse. This might change in the near future, but right now,
>> wxpython is not stable enough on Linux IMHO.)
> Which ones? And in which version of wxPython + wxGTK + Python? 
I use(d) wxPython with Python 2.3.x on various Linux
systems (incl. SuSE and Fedora Core).

When I compiled wxPython with Unicode support, the demo either
did not work at all resp. every second or so widget crashed.

Without Unicode support, e.g. the StyledTextControl (Scintilla)
crashed whenever I tried to enter a 'special' character (i.e.
a character which is not a 7 bit ASCII character). The use of 
other widgets resulted in seg faults, too; but I do not remember 
exactly, which ones.

I tried to compile wxPython (resp. wxGTK) for GTK1 and GTK2; the
former seemed to be more stable (but looked awful).

After a week or two of testing, I gave up on wxPython (for the
moment). I wrote a lot of cross platform applications in Python
(together with C and, recently, C#) using Tkinter (resp. Tcl/Tk)
and pyGTK (resp. GTK+ for other languages) and never had such
problems. But both GUI toolkits lack some important widgets and
therefore I became interested in wxPython (though I don't like the
way I have to code in wxPython; but that's my personal problem :-)

Recently, I write a lot of web applications (whenever possible),
using good old CGIs, various frameworks and ASP.NET (with C#).
But my dream for Python would be a native GUI toolkit (and not
just a wrapper for something else which was not designed with
Python in mind).


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