Python is far from a top performer according to benchmark test...

Carl phleum_nospam at
Fri Jan 9 22:45:13 CET 2004

Krzysztof Stachlewski wrote:

> "Carl" <phleum_nospam at> wrote in message
> news:ryELb.238$tK2.228 at amstwist00...
>> I have been experimenting with numerical algorithms in Python with a
>> heavy use of the Numeric module. My experience is that Python is quite
>> fast in comparison with (and sometimes as fast as) traditional languages
>> such as C or C++.
> With "heavy use of Numeric module" you were calling functions
> written in C. So how can you say that Python is fast,
> when C code is doing all the work.
> Stach

Well, I guess you are right! 

What I meant was that when I run my Python algorithm it runs "almost as fast
as" when I run similar code in C or C++. This is of course due to the
highly efficient Numeric module. However, the point is that Python is a
viable language from a numerical perspective.


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