Secure Voting software

PiedmontBiz piedmontbiz at
Thu Jan 22 06:01:03 CET 2004

>At 2004-01-22T01:35:01Z, Paul Rubin <> writes:
>> The book "Security Engineering" by Ross Anderson is a good place to start
>> reading if you're interested in the subject.
>I just finished "Practical Cryptography" by Niels Ferguson and Bruce
>Schneier.  It was almost enough to make me not want to bother trying.  :-/
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>Kirk Strauser
>The Strauser Group
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I checked out the site:

This is a huge and important project. I suppose the programming language is
really not that important.  The issue is trustworthy system development
(applications, operating systems, drivers, libraries, hardware, etc.), and
developing ways to validate software.

A completely different programming paradigm will need to be developed.


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