Databases: Which one's right for me?

Marc mnations at
Sat Jan 10 02:17:02 CET 2004

Hi all,

Having never used a database before and immersing myself in reading
stuff about databases over the last two days I have come to this
conclusion, I still don't know which one I need. I've been using
Python for a while, storing things that I'll need later in files. I am
now looking for a better solution; ergo the need for a database.

Basically I need a db that will travel with my executable script and
faithfully store and edit the data needed in that script. People using
this script will need to be stand alone users. Having a client/server
arrangement is not possible over a network.

Also, installing some type of db engine outside of Python is also not
possible. This rules out installing such readily available databases
as mySQL or any other type of db that must have a separate install.
Everything must be contained within the Python executable package.
However, all of the users WILL have MS Access already installed. So
that is a good possibility, and I have already played around with DAO
and run a couple of scripts with it.

However, I've also read some things about the Python independent db
called Gadfly. This is also an interesting possibility as it reduces
the need to even have Access around and lowers the complexity in
freezing applications (which can run into problems when using COM
clients sometimes).

So from reading I've narrowed it down to two possibilities - MS Access
with DAO and Gadfly. What I can't get from reading is experience or
someone who has done this type of thing before and already knows which
one will work best based on what I need to do. Or, if there exists
another solution other than the two I mentioned, please throw that out
there because it's almost impossible to completely examine every
possibility out there. All suggestions are helpful.

Thanks ahead of time,

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