get "yesterday's" date in iso format

Tim Heaney theaney at
Fri Jan 23 05:39:07 CET 2004

necromancer_stupidspambot at writes:
> I am trying to find a simple way to get "yesterday's" date.  I know I can
> build various check to seee if we are in leap year, if we are the 1st then
> yesterday is the 31(or 30 depending of the month) etc. but there is got to
> be a simpler way than that.

Since time.time() gives the time in seconds since the epoch, you could
just subtract a day from that to get yesterday.

  >>> import time
  >>> time.gmtime(time.time()-24*60*60)
  (2004, 1, 22, 4, 36, 3, 3, 22, 0)

I hope this helps,


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