Calling a function dynamically

Dave Benjamin ramen at
Thu Jan 8 18:32:21 CET 2004

In article <btk1i4$ca4$02$1 at>, Peter Otten wrote:
> Paradox wrote:
>> I would like to call a function whose name I supply at runtime.
>> [snip]
> Here's a way to abuse the [] operator (implemented by __getitem__()) to
> dynamically select a method...
>>>> t["run"]("alpha", "beta", "gamma")
> run('alpha', 'beta', 'gamma')

I wouldn't necessarily consider this abuse. This behavior (where
square-bracket- and dot-syntax are functionally equivalent) is the normal
behavior of JavaScript, and it makes dynamic lookup of method names a snap.
Python is more flexible in giving you the option to have separate namespaces
for items and attributes, but if it makes more sense for an object to merge
the two, I see nothing wrong with it.

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