Finaly found a simple enough task for python, took the plunge, but.....

Sambo samirw at
Wed Jan 7 07:07:36 CET 2004

Well, I was hopeful but no luck under w2000 and python 2.3.3
The window is just as obscured as under w95
Must be p2.3.3, oh well 9Mb of junk, good think I upgraded to UNLIMITED access, 


engsolnom at wrote:

> (top posting..sorry)
> I tried  Vincent's suggested code and it works just fine with Win2000, Python2.3.
> I did change the code to return the path to a selected file, rather than just a directory.
> Shows the value of the newsgroups...I was unaware (of course us newbies are unaware of lots of
> things) of tkFileDialog...and was about to write a tk interface to do the same thing. Saved a ton of
> time, and probably newsgroup bandwidth.
> Thanks, Vincent!

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