urllib - changing the user agent

Fuzzyman michael at foord.net
Fri Jan 9 14:09:41 CET 2004

I'm writing a function that will query the comp.lang.python newsgroup
via google groups.......  (I haven't got nntp access from work..)

I'm using urllib (for the first time)..... and google don't seem very
keen to let me search the group from within a program - the returned
pages all tell me 'you're not allowed to do that' :-)

I read in the urllib manual pages :

class URLopener( [proxies[, **x509]]) 

Base class for opening and reading URLs. Unless you need to support
opening objects using schemes other than http:, ftp:, gopher: or
file:, you probably want to use FancyURLopener.
By default, the URLopener class sends a User-Agent: header of
"urllib/VVV", where VVV is the urllib version number. Applications can
define their own User-Agent: header by subclassing URLopener or
FancyURLopener and setting the instance attribute version to an
appropriate string value before the open() method is called.

Could anyone tell me how to subclass this correctly with the version
attribute set and what text string I should use to mimic Internet
explorer and/or mozilla ?



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