Cheetah best for templating?

Wilk wilkSPAM at
Sun Jan 4 13:37:43 CET 2004

"Roger Jack" <rjack at> writes:

> I have just finished reading Code Generation In Action which uses Ruby for
> code generation. I would like to use Python instead. Is Cheetah the best
> tool to use for templating source code files and then generating code? Is
> there something more mature or better?

My graphist and me found it excellent, fast, clear, simple, stable : Pythonic !

We found the others engines too verbose, more perlish ;-)

Like python, the best is to try somes engines, you will see quickly wich
one you need. First, like everybody, i did my own engine, but Cheetah
was finaly a better wheel !

I use it to generate html, latex and xml

Wilk -

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