I support PEP 326

Gerrit Holl gerrit at nl.linux.org
Wed Jan 28 10:02:05 CET 2004

Anthony Baxter wrote:
> >>> len(dir(__builtins__))
> 125
> That's a _lot_ of stuff in one module. Even if you exclude the 40-odd 
> exceptions that are there, that's still a lot of guff in one big flat
> namespace.

Any plans to clean it up in Python 3.0?

In my opinion, a lot of builtins could either be deleted or moved into a

complex -> to math
open (use file)
abs -> to math
apply -> use extended syntax
compile -> to sys
divmod -> to math
execfile -> to sys
filter, reduce -> to functional?
intern -> ?
map -> use list comp
oct/hex -> to math?
range/xrange (unify)
round -> to math


227. If any one deceive a barber, and have him mark a slave not for
sale with the sign of a slave, he shall be put to death, and buried in his
house. The barber shall swear: "I did not mark him wittingly," and shall
be guiltless.
          -- 1780 BC, Hammurabi, Code of Law
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