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Mon Jan 26 10:15:19 CET 2004

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[.. snip explanation of sending messages to Windows controls ..]

>For the "List-View" and "Tab" controls then, I expected to find the
>    win32con.LVM_GETCHECK       
>    win32con.TCM_GETITEMCOUNT   
>corresponding to the distinct messages documented at [3] and [4]. 
>Unfortunately the module win32com module does not have any LVM_* or
>TCM_* attributes, and I have not found reference to such constants in
>the Extensions documentation.

To answer this question most directly, the TCM_GETITEMCOUNT etc. 
message constants will ultimately just be numeric values. If 
win32con doesn't have them (and it doesn't have everything) 
then just Google around to find out where they're defined. 
If you already have a recent win32 sdk knocking around, 
you'll find them in one of the header files (*.h).

As a hint from someone who's had to do this quite a lot,
Googling for (eg) const TCM_GETITEMCOUNT is likely to
get you something useful, as both Delphi & VB have
a lot of adherents on the web, and someone in those
communities is bound to have done the same kind of
thing that you're trying. In this case, the first hit


which seems to have some useful constants.

As an aside, have you look at this and related posts by
Simon Brunning? I honestly don't know if it's directly
of use, but it may throw up some clues.



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