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Personally, I have gone down this path and have found that using mod_python
is a MUCH better way to go.

"Jonathan Daugherty" <cygnus at cprogrammer.org> wrote in message
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> I'm using python 2.3.3 (#2, Jan  4 2004, 12:24:16), [GCC 3.3.3 20031229
> (prerelease) (Debian)], debian unstable.  I have written a client and
> server program which communicate using the built-in xmlrpclib and
> SimpleXMLRPCServer.  The server starts up fine, and the client can
> connect to it and issue commands (method calls) just fine.  However,
> after some unknown period of time, the client hangs at the time of the
> method call, during which time netstat reports:
>       recv  send
> tcp   307   0   ESTABLISHED
> Once I break the client and run netstat again, I get:
> tcp   307   0   CLOSE_WAIT
> And lines such as these hang around in netstat's output for quite some
> time (several are there now, left over from attempts to run the client
> about 8 hours ago).  I haven't been able to identify exactly when this
> starts to occur or why.  Sometimes it happens soon after starting the
> server; sometimes it takes days.
> The server is multi-threaded.  The XML-RPC thread is the main thread.
> Proper locking mechanisms are used and I have been able to determine
> that deadlock is not an issue.
> Does anyone have any ideas?
> Thanks!
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