Using python as client-side scripting language in IE 6

John McLaughlin john at
Fri Jan 23 11:47:28 CET 2004


Yes I have this working. Do this at your own risk:
Add the following to after the AXNotRExec class definition
(around line 89):
AXRExec = AXNotRExec

Then register with
python --debug
               ^^^^^^ (must be the rexec version).
You may have to unregister any other versions first:
python --unregister


Peter Hansen <peter at> wrote in message news:<3FE86415.DA6FFEBC at>...
> John Roth wrote:
> > 
> > "popov" <google at> wrote:
> > > I ran win32comext\axscript\client\ and to
> > > register python as a scripting engine. No errors from those scripts.
> > >
> > > As I understand it and from what I have read in this forum and
> > > elsewhere, it should work, but it doesn't: what am I doing wrong ?
> > 
> > I doubt if it will work for a while. It doesn't work on my system
> > either, and a quick check of the module says
> > that it will enable Rexec support. Rexec support was removed from
> > base Python in release 2.2.3 and later, so I doubt if this is ever
> > going to work until ActiveState (or Mark Hammond) changes the
> > base code to use Exec instead of RExec.
> I was just trying this myself and had the same lack of results.
> I note however that while uses the Rexec support
> and might not work for reasons John describes, claims not
> to do that, and seems to be supposed to work.  Yet it doesn't....
> Anyone tried this lately with success?
> For the record, I was trying on a vanilla Win98 machine with Py2.3.2.1
> and the latest win32all as well.  (The relevant test scripts execute
> okay, showing that the issue is with IE alone, not with the basic
> capability that allows ActiveX script hosting with Python.)
> -Peter

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