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Thu Jan 15 21:02:46 CET 2004

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 "Diego Ribeiro de Andrade" <diego.andrade at> wrote:

>Yeah! It Works Thanks.
> Everyone else told me that It was native in Python. May I did something
>wrong in the installation of Red Hat9?

I doubt you did anything wrong. RH9 seems to come with a python that has 
no Tkinter support, despite the fact that RH9 also includes tcl/tk.

Personally I think it's good that Python has more than one GUI option, 
but a pity that it has no "native" GUI library that is sufficiently 
tightly integrated that a programmer can assume it will be present in 
any python installation. Tkinter is the closest thing Python has to such 
a standard, in that a source build automatically builds Tkinter if 
tcl/tk is available. But some OS vendors seem fond of leaving it out 
anyway (it is also missing in MacOS X).

-- Russell

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