C++ bad-mouthing (was: Why learn Python ??)

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>claird at lairds.com (Cameron Laird) schreef:
>>>Not sure what the goals were, but I'm not sure they were to compete
>>>with Netscape and IE.  CNRI funding -- "R" for research -- seems to
>> Certainly not the *original* goal, because Grail antedated those
>> latecomers. 
>My copy of Netscape 0.94beta for Windows has a file date of 1994-11-22.
>And from the Grail docs:
>"Grail was started in August 1995 as a quick and dirty demo. It quickly 
>became a serious project, as witnessed by the release of version 0.2 in 
>November 1995, and again by the planned release of version 0.3 (currently 
>in beta) in June 1996."
Yikes!  Good research--and I'm always in favor of that.
I apologize for my error.  It's certainly disquieting;
I had such a strong memory that Grail was around in 
mid-'94 that I didn't verify the facts.  What *was* I
thinking about?

Thanks for correcting the mistake.

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