Guardian: open source is a throwback says Jack Schofield

Skip Montanaro skip at
Mon Jan 26 21:15:00 CET 2004


    Peter> I'm sorry, really, to bring this up, but as a Canadian I might be
    Peter> a little thick on this point, so help me out: was that site
    Peter> hacked?  Or is this for real?

I'm a natural-born American and I wondered the same thing.

This is what you get when the electorate chooses the "leader of the free
world" because "he seems like such a nice fellow" or "he's a regular guy"
Pardon me, but I don't want "a regular guy" in this particular position.  I
want the god damned smartest, most capable person we can find.

Hmmm...  If we're electing the "leader of the free world", maybe the entire
free world ought to be able to vote.  Imagine the primary season running up
to that election!


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