PEP 324: popen5 - New POSIX process module

Peter Astrand astrand at
Tue Jan 6 22:44:04 CET 2004

On Tue, 6 Jan 2004, Moore, Paul wrote:

> > 1) Should popen5 support a string argument on Windows?
> >
> > and
> >
> > 2) Should popen5 support a string argument on UNIX?
> > You seems to have made up your mind about case 1, and even thinks that 
> > this should be "recommended". I'm not that sure. 
> Using a list works most of the time, but can break in subtle, and surprising
> ways. I have coded "Algorithm A in reverse" a number of times, and *always*
> managed to construct a program that "broke". With Windows GUI programs
> (not the key use case for this module, I admit) it's not remotely hard to
> construct a broken example :-(

Ok, lets support case 1 then. Currently, I also think that we should
support case 2 as well, using Algorithm A. We need to document that single
quote escaping are not supported, though.

> > The only drawback with "process" is that it is already in use by 
> > 
> Ah. I wasn't aware of that module. 

I wasn't either, until I was about to announce the PEP. That's why there's 
no reference to Trent's module in the PEP (yet). 

>I wonder whether Trent would be willing
> to combine his code and yours somehow, and donate the name?

I have contacted Trent; let's give hime some time to respond. 

/Peter Åstrand <astrand at>

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