Advanced (?) compiling, freezing, translating Python

David Abrahams dave at
Sun Jan 4 14:11:42 CET 2004

luszczek1 at writes:

> Hi,
> here's my problem:
> - I know it will take me 10 times as long to write a code in C than in
>   Python
> - I need the speed of the C version
> - my program cannot depend/require on Python
>   interpreter/libraries/modules
> Is there a way to write Python program that almost looks like (say) C
> and then transoform it into C. Transformation should be intelligent -
> I don't want dynamic objects with dictionaries of methods. I'm willing
> to provide type descriptions so when I say:
> myList = [0] * 100
> I get in C:
> int *myList;
> myList = calloc(100, sizeof(int));
> I'm aware of projects like Pyrex, Psyco, and Pypy but their scope is
> too broad: they are about Python in its entirety and dynamism.

I think you're underestimating the actual scope of what you're trying
to describe... but anyway, here's another one you probably aren't
interested in because it's too broad ;-)

Dave Abrahams
Boost Consulting

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