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Tue Jan 20 09:59:16 CET 2004

Fuzzyman wrote:
> Eric Brunel <eric.brunel at> wrote in message news:<bugqir$lds$1 at>...
>>Fuzzyman wrote:
>>>There is a very interesting (and potentially useful) program on the
>>>effbot website - called Tkicon.
>>>Unfortuantely the last supported version of python is 2.1
>>>I've seen a few people asking, but never an answer, on Python 2.3
>>This utility should not be needed anymore if you're using a recent version of 
>>tcl/tk: the method wm_iconbitmap on toplevel's, that didn't work on earlier 
>>versions of tk on Windows, now works without problem. You should specifiy a .ico 
>>or .icr file name as its argument. See the documentation for the corresponding 
>>tk command at:
> Hmmm..... reading the documentation makes things less clear :-)
> How about :
> test = tkinter.Toplevel(wm_iconbitmap='test.ico') 


test = Tkinter.Toplevel()

All tcl/tk wm commands map to the corresponding wm_... *method* on Tkinter 
objects. It indeed takes some time to get used to...

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