Sending e-mail with python 1.5.2

Andrew McLean spam-trap-095 at
Sun Jan 4 16:26:41 CET 2004

I am writing a CGI script on an account that only has Python 1.5.2. It's 
principal purpose is to take some user input from a form, do some 
manipulation and return some information to the user. However, I would 
also like it to send some information to an e-mail account (behind the 

The e-mail could be quite simple, but I wouldn't rule out wanting to 
send a pickled object or two.

Now if I was using a recent Python I would just use the email package, 
but I don't think it's compatible with v1.5.2. I know I have access to 
the sendmail binary, so something should be possible. Any pointers 
gratefully received.

Andrew McLean

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