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Wed Jan 14 02:20:26 CET 2004

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Brandon J. Van Every <try_vanevery_at_mycompanyname at> wrote:
>I'm also starting to downright despise Linuxers.  If I see another
>project that's "cross-platform, so long as your platform is Linux,"
>I'm going to cut someone's head off.

   While I agree with that statement in the abstract (and can remember
when it was SunOS being the platform of choice), I would like to point
out that FreeBSD has reached over 10,000 ports. (See the counter at ) For those that don't run
FreeBSD (or *BSD in general), a port is a piece of software designed
to be built completely from source on a local machine. Packages are
pre-built binaries. So, it the fine FreeBSD folks can manage to make
"Linux-only" apps build fine from source, maybe you can too.

   The rest of your pissy "I can't CVS commit back" comments, well,
start your own darn project on . Once it's
available for others, it's got a chance of being used widely. But, I
suspect your motive was to be a freeloader and not contribute back.

Nathan Mates

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