Recurring dates module [was: Project dream]

Robert Brewer fumanchu at
Sun Jan 4 00:40:55 CET 2004

> eltronic at wrote:
> > a timer capable of alarms or starting programs with
> > various ways of specifying the event, weekly monthly 
> > don't start untill, stop after date, user defined, etc.

Then I responded:
> I've been needing to write this, as well, for my own apps. Here is a
> first attempt (*very* alpha); feedback/additions appreciated.

I updated this today, including time functions in addition to the date
functions and generally "filling in the corners". I also included an
interval calculation function for e.g., threading.Timer. Finally, I
wrapped the bare generator functions in a Recurrence class. I'm now
using it for my object server, and it seems to be working well.

Again, any feedback appreciated, especially from Skip M. (who's worked
on this problem before, it seems ;).

Robert Brewer
Amor Ministries
fumanchu at

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