How to call a system command with flexibility on Windows

Mark McEahern mark at
Mon Jan 19 01:57:45 CET 2004

On Thu, 2004-01-15 at 20:09, Mark Hammond wrote:
> Some, if not all of the popen functions on Windows will return the exit 
> code of the program when closing the last returned handle.  I'm afraid I 
> have no time to check the docs or find sample code, but it does work :)

I believe os.popen does on both cygwin and plain windows; e.g.,

  cmd = 'some command'
  stdout = os.popen(cmd)
  exitCode = stdout.close()
  if exitCode:
      print '%s failed, this probably says why:\n%s' % (cmd, stdout)

Although I suppose spelling it "stdout" is misleading--doesn't popen
return stdout/stderr combined?


// m

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