mysql python Newbie Question

Andrew na
Mon Jan 5 02:35:11 CET 2004

Hi everyone and thank you for replying to my post

My question was answered I need the python mysql modules for my program from
what I understand

I was just interested in building an app that could connect to my server and
edit records in my database through a Graphical User Interface

As for not knowing sql:
I have a good grasp on MySQL although I am not the best I could be I know
where to look for the information. Basically I could do the things I needed
for my application

what my question should have been:

how do I connect to a DB server that is not on my computer through python to
access my records.

from What I understand I need to look at the Python Mysql documentation (If
there is any) and build from there

If there are any other modules or documentation I need to look at please let
me know

Thank You


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