Accessing a shared generator from multiple threads.

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>> My point is that I haven't (yet) seen many good use cases for sharing a
>> generator between threads, and I'm guessing that many people will try
>> using generators inappropriately for problems that really are better
>> suited to Queue.Queue.
>A globally unique ID, such as:
>    "What filename should I store this page under?"
>The standard library has (several versions of) similar functionality 
>for temporary filenames.  They aren't all threadsafe, they often 
>enforce the "temporary" aspect, they run into hashing collision 
>problems eventually, there is no good way to include even approximate
>ordering information, etc...
>The fact that these are in the standard library suggests that it is a
>common use case.  The fact that there are several different versions
>each with their own problems suggests that the problem is hard enough
>to justify putting a good solution in the library.

You've got a good point.  All right, I suggest you subscribe to
python-dev (if you're not) and bring it up there so we can hash out
which location would be best for this functionality.
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