Munkware 0.3

Jeremy Jones zanesdad at
Mon Jan 19 23:51:47 CET 2004

* Rodrigo Benenson (rodrigob at wrote:
> as common, using will ease a lot to you to provide remote
> access methods
> rodrigob.

I seriously considered using Twisted (as well as Pyro) as a network interface as
opposed to SOAP, REST, Corba or some home-grown protocol, but I really wanted to
do 2 things:

- create a queueing system that is language independent (so either Corba or some
  web services interface would be better suited for that), just in case folks
who are using the wrong language take a liking to Munkware :-)
- I've been hankering for an opportunity to begin work on a RESTish framework
  and this is as good of a chance as any.  If I am pleased with how it turns
out, I may distill the REST features out and create a second open source project
for it alone.

I'm not intimately familiar with Twisted, so it just may be that Twisted has
provided wrappers for other languages, but that would still leave the fun of
creating my own REST-like framework.

Jeremy Jones

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