Printing/updating output to the screen

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Thu Jan 29 23:07:25 CET 2004

Daniel Pryde <dpryde+usenet at> wrote in message news:<40192945$1 at>...
> Hi there. I hope this isn't a stupid question to ask, but does anyone 
> know how to print out a string without moving to a new line each time 
> and simply updating the first line. An example would be, if I wanted to 
> have a percentage progress counter that was constantly updating. I'm 
> unsure how to do this without printing to a brand new line. Any help 
> would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
> Daniel

Put a comma after it. For example:

print "hi",

This, however, also prints a space. If that's not what you want, do the following:

from sys import stdout

That won't append a space or a newline.

Another Daniel

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