Nokia prefers Python

Ville Vainio ville.spamstermeister.vainio at thisisspamprotectiontut.finland
Thu Jan 22 11:40:30 CET 2004

>>>>> "Parzival" == Parzival  <ConfuseYourSpamBot-parzp at> writes:

    Parzival> With 1.3 million developers, Nokia should REALLY raise
    Parzival> the Python profile.  Guido may have to move again.

I dream of the time when Appendix C of a Cell phone manual contains an
abridged Python tutorial :-).

In the meantime, Python will be a great tool for us who work on
Symbian OS - especially if wrapping of Symbian OS apis via
swig/equivalent works out alright. We could prototype the cell phone
apps in Python and later on port them to C++... Not to mention how
much that would improve unit testing.


Ville Vainio

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